About Who We Are...

I'm Jeff, and Custom Pool Rescue is a small company I started back in Cleveland, Ohio.  

Now, I know what you're thinking, "Who swims in Ohio?".
BUT, the fact is one of the largest dealers of above and in-ground pools and spas originated
just outside of Cleveland in the late 1950's...."LITEHOUSE Pools and more!" (with 23 locations).
That's where I started in the business 1
6 years ago working and training in ALL aspects of
pool and hot tub sales, service, building and repair.
I developed my own repair and maintenance business based on the demand from
who did not want to be put on a waiting list OR given a level of priority based on how much a
job was going to cost.         
Since moving to the Phoenix area over 9 years ago, I've found that the lack of availability from
most pool guy's is just terrible. The top complaints I get from customers about service in
Arizona are, they never meet the guy who sets up a job with them or who they're writing the
check to (they just see some workers show up), no one calls them back and there isn't
someone to give them an accurate answer.   I'd like to change that!  
In my time here, I've worked with
some of the major pool building companies (still do
referral work with some of them), I've managed 2 locations for the largest Jacuzzi
brand hot tub dealer in the world (all locations are here in Arizona) and continue to network
amongst other pool and spa related industry people in order to have the resources needed to
provide customers with any and all solutions to their pool and hot tub problems.
Like I say,
"if we can't fix it, we will find you someone who can!"
480 - 228 - 6649     give us a call today!
Who is Custom Pool Rescue?
Your pool guy!
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Jeff Clevenger - Owner
CPR is a service based "Average Joe" kind of company.

What we
DO NOT do is show up to meet you with flashy trucks or over the top logos, send
out  teenage service guys who are "learning the ropes", or send a sales guy in a button down
shirt  who learned everything in some training manual and has an "answer for everything".

What we
DO provide is someone who can handle your needs with years of knowledge and
hands on experience in the pool and hot tub industry AND gives honest answers to your
questions. We can do most anything. If the job is too big for us to handle, we'll help you find
someone reliable at no extra cost!